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Build a custom transaction journey to make sure you delight your users as quickly as possible. Transform your apps so that your users can onboard even without being crypto proficient. Implement the seamless experience for crypto savvy as well as noobs to make every user a loyal user.

Lower Transaction Costs


What is BCON Cryptocurrency?

The spectacular success of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology in recent years has provided enough evidence that a widespread adoption of a common cryptocurrency system is not merely a distant vision, but a scenario that might come true in the near future. However, the presence of many chains obvious shortcomings such as excessive electricity consumption, unsatisfying transaction throughput, and large validation time (latency) makes it clear that a new, more efficient system is needed.
We propose a protocol in which a set of nodes maintains and updates a linear ordering of transactions that are being submitted by users. Virtually every cryptocurrency system has such a protocol at its core, and it is the efficiency of this protocol that determines the overall throughput and latency of the system.


Algorithm SHA-256 Proof of Work
Coin name BitcoinNickel
Coin abbreviation BCON
Public address letter N
Public address letter testnet E
Coin unit Nickel
RPC port 24743
P2P port 24744
Block reward 50 coins
Block halving 2100000 blocks
Coin supply 211000000 coins
Premine 1000000 coins

Bcon Distribution

Coin distrubution
211000000 Bcon total supply.

Why Choosing Us?

Bitcoinnickel is designed to enable billions of people around the world to
use blockchain applications for the first time within the next five years.
Users will easily be able to control their identity, assets and rights across
various on-chain and off-chain application.

End users won’t even need to know that they are connecting to a blockchain or the decentralized web when using BCON. The experience will be indistinguishable from using the centralized applications that they are used to. However, users will know that their identity, assets and rights are securely stored in an account they own and control. These assets will be everything from money and real estate to games and music. Their rights won’t just be a record of ownership. These rights will connect to devices in the real world — unlocking doors, turning on cars and streaming movies.

Our App


Our Roadmap

Project Idea

Idea was to develop a coin where main goals is to make things as simple and as accessible as possible for everyday people, creating a cryptocurrency which is inviting, fun, useful and friendly.
March 10, 2020


Testing different blockchains. Developing.
March-September 2020

Bcon Cryptocurrency Platform Development

Development and testnet
October-March 2021

Launch test main-net

Launching main-net and starting coin sale.
October 2021

Future developement

Find new ways to use the blockchain and make it easy for common people to use BCON
October 2021 -

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